Praha 4 - Modřany

The kindergarten and nursery Jitrenka is located in a beautiful new villa with a garden. The premises are newly furnished and offer plenty of activities for children. Our primary goal and motivation is that all children feel good and enjoy themselves as childhood is very important for their next life. The advantage of our kindergarten is the expanded range of languages ​​(English, Spanish, French, German and Croatian) and a small number of children in the classroom, which ensures individual approach and care for everyone.


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DS Jitřenka I a Projekt č. CZ.03.1.51/0.0/0.0/19_113/0011868
DS Jitřenka II
Maxíkova školka a jesle Modřany, z.s. Support for the operation of childcare facilities Maxíkova Language Preschool and Nursery Modřany z.s. DS Jitřenka I and Jitřenka II "is funded by the European Union. The project aims to expand the childcare services at the place of implementation and thus improve the conditions for employment of women with children.





We have created a beautiful environment for your children in which they will not only feel comfortable, but also stimulate their natural development, imagination and skills. We will guide children through the first steps into a new life so that they grow into confident, clever and sensitive beings.

We pride ourselves on a high standard of service, qualified staff, clean environment, quality food and a personal approach to each of you. For children we regularly prepare trips, various events and offer of course rings. 


We have created a beautiful environment for the children in which they will feel not only well, but which will also stimulate their natural development and cognitive skills. We support the children in their first steps in a new life and help them grow in self-confident, clever and sensitive beings.

 We strive to offer a high standard of service which includes qualified staff, clean environment, quality food and personal approach to every single child. Regular trips and various events are part of the programme as well as after school activites.

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What we eat is very important in childhood and that is why it is a top priority for us to have a good, healthy, varied and always fresh diet. In this way we want to ensure the well-being and healthy growth of the children. That's why kids get fruits and vegetables every day and you will not find any unhealthy sweets in our kindergarten.

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The everyday programme for children is very rich and adapted to their age and abilities. Activities are planned in order to develop their fine motor and physical skills and learn their mother tongue - all this in a fun way. Darts, ceramics, artistic and musical activities among others are planned for children on a regular basis.

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Platonová 2158/1a, Praha - Modřany
T: +420 773 464 896
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