Preschool - Prague 6

The language and sports preschool in Prague 6 is located in the neighbourhood of the Ladronka mansion and the Petřín gardens.

This Maxíkova Preschool is located on the border of Prague 5 and Prague 6. There are a number of parks, playgrounds and sports fields for the children in area around the preschool. The children are able to enjoy a swimming pool, a football ground, a heated indoor hall with sand or tennis courts and a salt cave, amongst other things, in close proximity to our school. We have our own playroom, a summer terrace, and a garden with multifunctional play facilities and fully grown trees on the preschool’s premises.

There is hassle-free parking at the preschool. We look forward to seeing you!


Children in our preschool are divided into up to four classes according to their age, taking into account their development, skills, etc. The priority of our private school is a totally unique combination of teaching in the Czech and English languages, with an emphasis on an individual approach which fosters development and allows the children to fully reach their potential and talent.

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We are aware that what we eat from childhood shapes us, and affects our health and well being. Diet and eating habits that we adopt as children accompany us throughout life and shape our lifestyle. That's why we decided to offer a healthy menu for your children. BIONEA and COUNTRYLIFE are among the leading service providers from the region.

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The type and number of activities depends on the season and number of children in each age category. Among the most popular activities are: tennis, horseback riding, gymnastics, sports and movement lessons, floor ball, music lessons with flute, and of course field trips... English lessons are provided by our native speakers. All activities are included in one price.

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Milady Horákové 2, 272 01 Kladno
T: +420 735 00 99 88
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