MaxStart special offer activated: CZK 3,995 / month (plus 10% for children under 3 years, or 20% for children under 2 years). The price is for "go as you wish", ie once or five times a week. Forenoon or all day. Simply a monthly fee and it is up to you how often you use the services. The price is all inclusive (ie including meals, clubs, diapers, etc.). The price is valid throughout the child's attendance. (MaxStart offer limited by capacity, do not hesitate! :-))

The children's group of Maxík's language nursery and nursery “Maxík Kladno” is located in a quiet part of the town, near the center and in the immediate vicinity of the Kročehlav park and pond. This project is implemented in cooperation with the European Social Fund, which makes tuition so low.


Although the title implies that we are Maxík's “language” nursery and nursery, it does not automatically mean that we are focused exclusively on language. The English club is an irregular regular activity that we offer across the age range of our children. Teaching is playful: singing, talking. All in a fun and non-violent form. What we are most interested in is to take good care of children, to strengthen their self-service skills, to improve hygiene habits, to work on fine or coarse motor skills, to help them become independent; that is, so that you, not only your parents, but also the children, are happy with us.

Our kindergarten accepts children from 12 months of age. The capacity of our children's group is 24 children. We are approved to the strictest hygiene standards (the so-called “large children's group”); according to the same standards as state nursery schools. On the contrary, “small children's groups”, which are not only in the Kladno region, the vast majority (ie up to 12 children) are subject to significantly less strict hygiene standards.

We will provide your children with the perfect care in the beautiful environment of luxuriously renovated premises, incl. beautiful gardens equipped with custom game elements, and excellent communication to your parents. And all at the lowest tuition in the region. Anyone who meets the legal requirements (ie the age of the child, the medical certificate + the administration prescribed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs) can apply; of course, taking into account the available capacity.

Our staff and our clients are kind, pleasant and friendly people with children in the first place. You can find peace, quiet, smile, sincere greeting, love… 


We look forward to seeing you!


Information on enrollment as well as vacancies: Michaela Procházková, manager, 735 00 99 88, office@maxikovaskolka.cz


We have created a nice and pleasant environment for the Maxík Children's Group in Kladno. Our priority is a high standard of service, qualified staff and a varied healthy diet. The kindergarten location offers lots of greenery: Kročehlavský park, Sítenské údolí etc.

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We are aware that what we eat has shaped us since childhood, affecting our health and our fitness. The way we eat and the eating habits we adopt, as children at an early age, follow us throughout our lives and shape our lifestyles. Therefore, we decided to offer your children full meals.

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Our activities (taking into account the number of children and their age composition) include: art and music club, cooking etc. Regular trips or theater visits are a matter of course. Every year we go with children to a kindergarten in nature and ski course.

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Milady Horákové 2, 272 01 Kladno
T: +420 735 00 99 88
E: office@maxikovaskolka.cz
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