Kindergarten capacity is full.
Enrollment for 2024 / 2025: Enrollment started.
The registration link (see below) is already online.
From September 1, 2024, we only enroll children who will not reach the age of 3 by August 31, 2024.


Dear visitors and possible applicants for our preschool and nursery in Prague 8 - Karlín, we welcome you to our website!

We do it with all our love

We are a bunch of people who love children. We put the children in first, second and third place. We know that the early years of childhood are the most sensitive period in human life. We want to give your children the best, to educate and pass on knowledge to them. We are a team of all ages but we have group of incredible professionals among us. We pay attention to perfect communication with the parents of our children. But most importantly, "we do it with all our love!"

Our preschool is really beautiful

Our preschool is brand new. We invested significantly in the premises, equipment and facilities, toys and educational aids.

Thank you, CA Immo Czech Republic!

Our preschool would like to thank to CA Immo Czech Republic. The dealings with this company were amazing, kind, and professional. This behaviour was so pleasant for our preschool, and we would like to transfer this level of behavior and care to you and your children in our (and hopefully your) preschool.

Other advantages of our kindergarten

Quality childcare.

Prompt and careful communication.

Pleasant environment.

An individual approach to all children (not, of course, with possible individual educational needs such as ADHD, ADD, PAS, etc.) and to you parents.

Quality food / food (BIONEA, CountryLife).

We accept children from 12 months of age.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 16.00pm, Saturday and Sunday: 8.00am to 14.00pm.

School fee

CZK 7.959 / child / month. The allowance includes: (i) payment of costs for the childcare service, which amounts to a maximum of CZK 5.059 / month and (ii) payment of advance payments. Advance payments include: (a) the child's meals provided by the BIONEA and (b) the child's personal hygiene needs (diapers, wipes, creams...) and (c) Extraordinary events (theatres, trips, children's photo shoots, etc.). Detailed conditions, incl. settlement of the deposit, are listed in the Internal Rules and the Education and Care Plan (the so-called "Program").


Only those who will inspire you and your children with their work and approach will work in our preschool. Nobody else. Do you know anyone who might be interested? Let us know!

English language teaching

For the 2024 / 2025 school year, our kindergarten does not count with ENG classes.


Our premises are approved according to the strictest standards / legislation of the Czech Republic.

Capacities of kindergartens in Prague

The long-term Plan of education and development of the educational system of the capital Prague 2020 summarizes the facts of the last few years and also predicts developments in the area. The long-term trend shows an imbalance between the development of the metropolitan area and public facilities, with some urban areas facing insufficient infrastructure. An example is the unavailability of kindergartens and primary schools in areas where new construction took place, where young families in particular went. An example is the Prague 9 district.

Registration / enrollmen

Are you interested in our offer? Do your own online registration HERE. You will immediately receive a confirmation of receipt of your registration by email, incl. attached mandatory appendices, i.e.: draft contract, School Rules, Kindergarten plan and Program of the day, but also the mandatory administration of the subsidy office "statistical purposes" (Monitoring list, Link to the labor market, Record sheet with confirmation by the child's attending physician). Unfortunately, the contractual relationship cannot be concluded without these 3 last documents (in original). On the basis of this registration, we will gradually contact you with the offer of a appointment / tour and possible signing of the contract.

Please note that registration alone does not guarantee a place. The parent will receive the guarantee only at the moment of signing the contract. Due to high demand, we do not accept reservations. Whoever first brings the Identification Card + Link to the labor market and tells us their YES, then we sign the contract. At that moment, the place is guaranteed. We would also like to inform you that with the confirmation of receipt of registration you will receive information relevant to the school year 2023 / 2024. Information for the school year 2024 / 2025 is available in MaxInfo / Documents (login information at the end of the accompanying text of the registration confirmation email).

Security Deposit

SD is CZK 10.000. This is a secuirty deposit - not a fee. SD is paid only after signing the contract on the child's attendance at kindergarten. SD is billable at the end of the child's attendance at kindergarten / the contractual relationship (just send us the current account number by email to return the SD).

Dear parents, dear mothers and fathers. We are already looking forward to you!


Maxíkova školka


We are a private facility providing pre-school care for children from one to seven years of age. Our priorities are a high standard of service, quality staff and a varied healthy diet.

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We are aware that what we eat from childhood shapes us, and affects our health and well being. Diet and eating habits that we adopt as children accompany us throughout life and shape our lifestyle. That's why we decided to offer a healthy menu for your children. BIONEA and CountryLife are among the leading service providers from the region.

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The type and number of activities depend on the season and number of children in each age category. Among the most popular activities are: swimming, tennis, horseback riding, gymnastics, sports and movement lessons, music lessons with flute, and of course summer field trips / ski courses... The exact list of activities is to be announced shortly before a new school year begins.

MaxTip: Most of the activities are included in the price of tuition!

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Karolinská 706/3, Praha 8 - Karlín (Mississippi House)
T: +420 776 22 44 55
E: reditel@maxikovaskolka.cz
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